Thinking about owning pet goats?

Goat ownership can be rewarding if we go into it with our eyes open and having done our research. Goats have their own specific needs. We need to be sure we can fulfill at least the five welfare needs defined by the RSPCA and UK Animal Welfare Act 2006.

  • appropriate nutrition (clean water, fibrous diet with correct nutrient balance);
  • suitable environment (safe, comfortable shelter and pasture or yard);
  • the ability to express normal species behaviour (browsing, socializing, scratching, climbing, foraging, resting, escaping, exercising, playing);
  • the right social environment (a herd of familiar goats);
  • protection from pain, sickness, injury, and suffering.

In this video, Sean Wensley, senior vice-president of the British Veterinary Association, explains how we need to consider life from our pets’ point of view in order to provide for their welfare. Great advice for any species and to consider before taking on any animal! The video is kindly brought to us by the University of Edinburgh copyright CC-BY-NC-ND.


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